交易是通过购买,出售或保持的交互来定义的。 在金融世界中,交易量决定了金融产品的价值,例如股票。
这些交互也适用于加密货币。 随着交易量的增长,它们的价值也随着交易量的增加而上升。

The SWISSCOIN CLASSIC development team is pleased to announce that SWISSCOIN CLASSIC has traded under the stock exchange identification code SICC on the crypto exchange via this link since September 2018 becomes.

DISCLAIMER: The trading in cryptocurrencies involves a risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor.
Everything you read or hear about SWISSCOIN CLASSIC from our developers and consultants is not intended as financial advice.
SWISSCOIN CLASSIC does not promise any profit expectations.


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