Windows Wallet


Become a SICC node and thus contribute to the security of our SWISSCOIN CLASSIC (SICC) and additionally receive 10% of the offline wallet SICC as staking coins. The steps are quite simple.

Click on the link and the WINDOWS WALLET will install automatically. For the moment being the offline-wallet only runs under Windows and Linux. Execute the file (.exe) as administrator.

When downloaded and installed successfully you have access to your offine wallet.

  1. Download the offline wallet to your computer (currently only Windows and Linux).
  2. Run the file (.exe) as an administrator.

Somethings for you to note:

ACTIVATION of wallet:
The wallet is ready to use after synchoniziation with blockchain. It will update after each start with the current status of blockchain. A green bar in the left side down will tell what the status is. If totally synchronized the bar disappears and the staking starts (Your sre staking)

First install your wallet on your desktop. Then open DATEI/FILE and go to WALLET SICHERN/SAVE WALLET. Do save your wallet on different devices, ideally on external devices. You will save the wallet.dat file which is essential for restoring your wallet after e.g. hard disk damages.

Wallet Adress und Forwarding.
Under RECEIVE you will see your wallet adress shown as graphic with a QR code and the alphanumerical code. Click on COPY TO CLIPBOARD and your adress will be stored in the temporaily storage. With the command INSERT the wallet adress will be stated as alphanumerical figures without QR Code in your message.