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Vision, innovation, branding and money are the fuel for the futural success of our SWISSCOIN CLASSIC. Today everyone who is active in the crypto market knows that the value of a crypto currency is essentially determined by four factors.

  1. Vision
    Only with a clear vision of what a crypto currency stands for and what real benefits it offers to the user a crypto currency or application can be successfully positioned in the market.
  2. Innovation
    Only with real innovations, which are marking out a crypto currency today, millions of users can be won. Only through permanent scalability of the business model is a coin/token capable for the future.

    This is the biggest challenge for a modern crypto currency

  3. Branding
    Only with a high degree of recognition and an extensive market penetration will crypto currencies in the future such as the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC be able to maintain themselves in the market.

    The refore constant and long-term, positive impulses for the structure of the brand SWISSCOIN CLASSIC are of crucial importance.

  4. Money
    For the successful realization of great projects, like the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC, a lot of money is always necessary. These funds are usually achieved in a crypto currency with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

    That’s why we’re also going this way with the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC. Interested persons can already participate with 100 USD in our ICO (currently with + 50% bonus coins).

But read for yourself what the founders of SWISSCOIN CLASSIC think about this and what their opinions are.


Manfred Mayer on the subject Vision
, as one of the founders of SWISSCOIN CLASSIC says:

„The vision of our SWISSCOIN CLASSIC for the next years is clearly defined and we already know today where we will be in 2-3 years.

The futural multifunctional app CRYPTOFOX will easily enable anyone worldwide who has a smartphone to invest, trade, shop in crypto currencies with micro-investments and participate in and benefit from this global boom supported by artificial intelligence.“




Nico Merten on the subject Innovation
, also one of the founders of SWISSCOIN CLASSIC:

„It`s my firm conviction that the innovative power of SWISSCOIN CLASSIC and the popularity we have already in the market today will contribute to the fact that the coin and the real innovations closely associated with it, the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC, will catapult into the league of system-relevant crypto currencies in the future.

The entire team here has not only the innovations and the technology, but also the so important „spirit“ that we all live every day.




Dr. Cornelia Friese-Wehr on the subject Branding
, also in the founder team of SWISSCOIN CLASSIC says:

I mean that a high level of acquaintance of the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC is indispensable. The innovative power and benefits of crypto currencies such as the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC must become even clearer for broad sections of the population.

We will therefore find all means at our disposal to ensure that, on the one hand a broad-based and long-term advertising campaign increases the level of acquaintanice and positively influences the SICC share price on the crypto exchanges – quickly, professionally and with commitment!“

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