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You are sure to know that all users who „bought“ the SWISSCOIN 3 years ago, IN ADDITION also received the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC (SICC).

In this context, approximately 750 million SWISSCOIN CLASSIC were issued and booked to the worldwide community for FREE.

Instead of holding their „FREE COINS“ and betting on rising prices, many users „sold out“ their coins on the stock exchange and turned the coins into cash. In this way, over 650 million SWISSCOIN CLASSIC have been bought back and held by us and some investors on the stock exchange in the last 18 months.

There are still around 100 million SICC in circulation (including 57 million SICC at the exchange and around 43 million SICC in user wallets).

In order to make our SWISSCOIN CLASSIC future-proof, we have started to deposit the SICC with precious metals. At the same time, we would like to call on the community to take out all sell orders on the stock exchange from 2-100 Satoshi or set higher than 100 Satoshi.

As with all cryptocurrencies, the price is largely determined by supply and demand. For all of us, that means reducing the supply of coins and increasing demand.

We have successfully reduced the offer of SICC together with some investors, now it is up to our global community to increase the demand on the stock exchanges (,,

At SWISSCOIN CLASSIC we believe in what we do and do not doubt for a second that our coin will be successful. Please buy the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC on the stock exchange, especially in this difficult time, directly and free of charge from us by contacting us at or WhatsApp-Tel. +49 17643514643, tell us how much SWISSCOIN CLASSIC we can buy for you on the stock exchange (regardless of whether for 100 or 10,000 €).

We will only be able to realize a steady, successful course development of our SWISSCOIN CLASSIC as a community. Help increase the community massively by registering with our cooperation partner establishing a sales group.

We look forward to you and stay healthy.


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