100 DAYS 4 U

„100 Days 4 U“ this is a very special and extraordinary promotion for all Swisscoin SIC account or wallet holder.

We, the SICC team, offers all SIC wallet holder the get the same volume of SIC coins in the SIC wallet into a new SICC wallet during the following 100 days after onset of promotion.

For all those wallet holder who want to participate:

1. Please start generating your SICC wallett
Run the file (.exe) as an administrator.

2. Please fill the form below.

3. You will get a confirmation email

Depending on the number of applications booking will take a while. We will inform you about

a. the booking capacity,

b. the status of applications total,

c. the status of terminated bookings

The booking process will be date dependend: first in, first to book. In case of questions we will contact you.

We ask for your understanding that we will make a plausibility check.

For those who do not feel comfortable with the procedure we would like to offer to contact