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Today, Wednesday, September 19, 2018 SWISSCOIN CLASSIC launches the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC ICO for CRYPTOFOX.APP: A modified ICO integrating a full coin instead of a token. This means no splits of invested money for token generation and product development. For ICO sale 1 billion SWISSCOIN CLASSIC will be provided. The ICO and coin sale will be open for a limited time period. It starts with launch today, Sep 19, 2018 for private sale and will be closed on April 30, 2019. Private sale is equipped very profitably e.g. 50% bonus during first weeks (see details on With the ICO powering the development of CRYPTOFOX.APP in which the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC coin is embedded, the company is setting the important groundwork for positive SWISSCOIN CLASSIC value development midterm and for stabilizing the value at high level longterm by enhancement of the App tools and creating new modules. The CRYPTOFOX APP will play a strategic role within the business development. Excited about our new tool??

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