Cryptocurrencies have moved from a niche existence to mainstream topic, nearly ten years after the first cryptocurrency the BITCOIN turn up on the market..

Private customers and investors are more and more interested in this promising and growing market. Companies offering cryptocurrencies have to accmmodate the new requirements resulting from the new customers groups. With the SWISSCOIN CLASSIC (SICC) the next generation of cryptocurrencies has now been launched. The new coin will be a future payment tool for worldwide operations.

A major focus of the team behind SWISSCOIN CLASSIC (SICC) will be supporting and assisting people wanting to participate and profitize in this new development but how are lacking knowledge or, most simple, time to engage accordingly. Therefore the first strategic cooperations are going to be implemented and realized. The SICC team will keep you informed about all changes in the news field on the home page.

But also insider will have an interesting option to participate in SWISSCOIN CLASSIC: the new cloud mining for generating the new SWISSCOIN CLASSIC.